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Donating to the Boys & Girls Clubs is a simple process. All you have to do is fill out the form below. With a few short fill-in-the blanks and the click of a button, the youth of Kentuckiana will be forever grateful of your generosity. Each penny counts when the lives of future generations are involved!

I wish to make a donation

Individual Donors

It is our firm belief that anyone who puts effort into improving our programs should get the respect they deserve. For this reason, we thoroughly recognize all of our generous donors who give to the youth of Kentuckiana. It doesn’t matter how big or how small, any donation will be graciously accepted and appreciated, earning you a much-deserved spot on our Individual Donors List.

Corporate Donors

Investing in the future of Kentuckiana isn’t solely for individuals—corporations, foundations, charities, etc. can all join in the battle for a better tomorrow. The youth of Kentuckiana will benefit greatly from your generosity and, in doing so, your contribution will not go unnoticed. You will take your rightful place on our Corporations, Foundations, and Other Donors List.

Planned Giving

Here at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana, we provide a safe, encouraging, and engaging environment for the teens and children of our area, especially those who need us the most. Our programs are designed to prepare and inspire our youth to achieve great things in their futures. An example of one of our many gift options would be through a will or codicil bequest, because leaving a bequest in your will can make a helpful contribution to the Boys & Girls Clubs. There are so many different options as far as planned giving is concerned. No matter which one you choose, your gift will positively impact the lives of the children in our programs.

After checking out our various gift options, we also invite you to become a member of the Heritage Club. This is a special group of donors who are making their dreams for Kentuckiana’s future generations a reality through endowments, estate gifts, and bequests. Whether you want to eliminate taxes or benefit from an increased income stream, there is a gift to fit every objective.

Click here to see current Heritage Club Members.

Donate a Vehicle

Click here to find out how you can turn an unused car into a tax donation.