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“After an 8-week literacy program, students performed an average of 35 percent better on standardized-style tests”

While their classmates may have spent summer vacation at the pool or playing video games, members of four Boys and Girls Clubs in Louisville and Southern Indiana spent eight weeks receiving intense literary intervention.

But “it’s a full day of instruction in a very fun way,” said Stacy Johnson, director of academic services for Boys and Girls Clubs of Kentuckiana. “They don’t even realize that they’re being immersed into standards-based teaching most of the time.”

The Common Core-based instruction, which more than 330 first- through sixth-grade kids received at least three days a week over the summer, yielded some pretty impressive results: scores on standardized-style tests went up – in some places, as much as 180 percent.

Read the full story here: http://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/education/2015/11/30/literacy-program-helps-boost-scores-up-180/76261278/

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